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Pizzeria Software

DiamondTouch ( )

For 20 years, DiamondTouch has been the leader in Pizza POS. From easy order entry to tightly-integrated delivery management from innovative security to unsurpassed management tools. DiamondTouch has the extraordinary tools you need to solve your ordinary problems and run your operation smoothly and efficiently.

Multi-line Caller ID Software
FoodTronix ( )

The FoodTronix Restaurant Management System provides Table Service, Quick Service, Pizza Service, cash-control, employee security, employee theft detection, time cards, expedited kitchen dispatch system, delivery and driver management, inventory management, comprehensive management reports, instant credit card processing, multi-station support, multi-store support, local/regional customer relationship management and Internet integration. Save time processing phone orders using one of the POS series Caller ID units. New customer data is time consuming, let our reverse phone number lookup functionality pre-fill new customer's data for you instantly! Trouble finding the place, let our system give your driver step by step driving instructions and an accompanying map to print!"

Multi-line Caller ID Software
Point of Success Restaurant Management Software ( )

Point of Success is affordable pos restaurant software designed for use in pizzerias and all other types of restaurants and bars. The system includes order entry, order tracking, cash control, delivery management, extensive business reporting, and much more. Options include the Caller ID system, networking software, employee time keeping, employee scheduling and training CDs.

Multi-line Caller ID Software
POS Pizza ( )

POS Pizza is a Point of Sale system for use by Pizza and Sandwich Shops. This package is very easy to learn, and teach to your employees. Full support for kitchen printers, make-line screens, a driver dispatch console, and management (including remote management). The system supports Caller ID, touch-screen, and all of the core features that you would expect in a POS system. A completely free version of the software is also available.

Multi-line Caller ID Software