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Dispatch Software

Appedgy ( )

Cab Hound offers a portfolio of web, smartphone and tablet apps and professional services for taxicab and livery industry that optimizes dispatching operations through a simple and customizable dashboard. Dispatch more efficiently with fewer clicks using a database of client information, caller ID integration and additional customizable features. Monitor all drivers and trip requests. Study and export individual driver and fleet analytics and searchable detailed trips logs. Track dispatcher performance. Communicate with encrypted two-way messaging with your drivers.

Multi-line Caller ID Software
Cabulous ( )

Cabulous is a cloud based dispatching system that does away with superfluous features that clutter your dispatcher's screen. It provides a simple and clean interface that allows them to log and dispatch orders faster & more efficiently. Automatic dispatching allows dispatchers to focus on fewer calls, while multi-user capability allows remote monitoring of your dispatch system with just an internet connection.

Multi-line Caller ID Software
Easy Dispatch ( )

Easy Dispatch software is designed specially for Taxicab and Limousine companies. Our low-cost, full-featured computer dispatch software provides your company a faster and more efficient way to handle calls and dispatching fare to drivers. It will increase your operating efficiency, and improve the call handling and fare dispatching capabilities, resulting in more revenue and profit for your company. Whether you are taking reservations, dispatching cars, billing customers, or cashiering drivers, you will find Easy Dispatch one of the most affordable and easy-to-use dispatch software packages in the world.

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Gata Labs ( )

The Gata Fleet solution is a state-of-the-art dispatching system, built to offer consumers a seamless mobile hailing experience, while giving fleets a full back-end solution to manage their fleet. It comes with a fully integrated Driver App, Customer Hailing App and a Cloud Based Dispatching system. Automatic dispatching, enhanced fleet tracking and driver analytics allow you to offer customers a seamless booking experience. This affordable solution also gives fleets access to a network of mobile users, increasing their customer growth & retention.

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LiveryDesk ( )

LiveryDesk is an affordable cloud based dispatching platform. We enable transportation services to manage their entire fleet in real-time giving them a competitive advantage. LiveryDesk utilizes modern technologies to provide customers with the convenience and reliability they expect. LiveryDesk integrates with hardware via ELPopup to allow a better customer experience.

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Logistrics ( )

Logistrics Taxi is an affordable web based proprietary fully featured dispatch application serving taxi and limousine service providers and works on a standard Android Smartphone or Tablet. The system can be integrated with to better serve your customers. We offer low upfront Costs and no Set up fee. Logistrics Taxi is proven solutions with 24/7 support which fully supports web & mobile booking and offers the benefit of automated dispatch.

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PC-Dispatch ( )

PC- Dispatch provides software for the ground transportation industry, consisting of large and small fleets across markets as diverse as taxicab, limousine, and paratransit fleets. Their solution empowers transportation fleets to serve its customers with significantly faster software, while reducing costs, and creating stronger, more profitable customer relationships. With over 150 installed users and growing, PC- Dispatch has become a recognized leader for providing high-performance transportation software solutions. Our system is unlike any other as it is flexible and sold in a modular fashion. This means customers can pick and choose what they need as they need it. No transportation solutions provider can offer this flexibility. It can create an affordable solution today that can grow with the customer tomorrow and years to come.

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TaxiCaller ( )

TaxiCaller is the most cost effective cloud-based dispatch system on the market, with no contracts or expensive investments. There's no hardware lock-in and no on-site installation needed, offering you a truly global and reliable solution.

TaxiCaller equips you the tools you need to stay competitive, like corporate solutions, invoicing, dynamic reports, multiple booking channels including IVR, web/reception booking and your very own passenger apps. Engineered in accordance with Sweden's high quality standards, TaxiCaller has proven itself to be a reliable tool for thousands of people in over 50 countries.

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Tranware, Inc. ( )

TranWare, Inc. provides Transportation Software for the Taxi, Paratransit, Limousine, Shuttle and Courier industries. Programs include Order Entry/Dispatch, Driver Cashiering and Shifting, Accounts Billing and Receivables and Fleet Vehicle Maintenance. The company also offers AVL, Automated Dispatch to MDT's, Phones and Pagers, plus 24/7 Emergency Support.

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