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Ethernet Link Products

Multi-Line Caller ID Hardware

Whozz Calling? POS 4 - Ethernet

Ethernet Link units are simply connected to the phone lines and plugged in to the local area network via a switch or router. The unit sends UDP broadcast packets through the entire LAN so Caller ID information is available to every computer on the network.

You can use either our free pop-up plus logging software, or for advanced applications, purchase software from one of our software partners.

For developers, implementation is accomplished by simply parsing the Caller ID string from the UDP broadcast packets. All Ethernet Link products include a program for setup and data capture, as well as complete, royalty-free, source code. Provisions to send data to cloud-based applications are included.

Ethernet Link devices are available for the following products
Whozz Calling? POS (Basic) 2, 4, and 8 line models
Whozz Calling? (Deluxe) 2, 4, and 8 line models
Whozz Calling? Lite (Legacy) 4 and 8 line models

Comparison between Ethernet Link and Serial Port Products


Ethernet Link

Serial Port

Data Delivery

Ethernet on Local Area Network (LAN). Device connects to any Ethernet port or jack on the LAN.

RS232 (Serial Port). Device connects to a serial port on computer or using a USB-to-Serial Port adaptor cable.

Single Computer Monitoring

Used when LAN is present and incoming phone lines are not in close proximity to monitoring computer.

Best in simple configurations where incoming phone lines are near the monitoring computer. Or, when no LAN is present

Multiple Computer Operation

Data sent to all computers on the LAN. Any computer running Caller ID software can use the data

Data is sent to host computer. The host re-transmits the data to the other computers.

Ease of Connections - Location uses Phone System

Since the LAN switch or an Ethernet jack is usually close to the phone switch where the incoming lines are present, all connections are in proximity.

If the computer to which the serial cable is to be connected is not near the incoming phone lines. Long serial or phone line connections are required

Ease of Connections -
No phone system present

Connections can be made anywhere an Ethernet jack is available near phone lines.

May be as easy as Ethernet Link device depending on whether a computer near phone lines has available serial port, or USB-to-Serial Converter cable is used

Output Data Format Same
Phone Line Connections Same

Cost Comparison

Ethernet Link units cost $85 more (or $47 wholesale) than serial ports units.

Additional hardware such as serial ports or USB-to-Serial Converter cables may be required on newer computers.

Connections using Ethernet Link Products

When multiple line Caller ID devices are installed in business using phone systems, Ethernet Link products usually make connections more convenient. The Caller ID unit is attached to the incoming phone lines and connected to the network switch used for the LAN which is usually in close proximity in the back room of the business. The Ethernet Link version connects directly to the network, sending information to all computers at the same time.


Connections using Serial Port Products

When installing serial port products, a "host" computer is used to capture the data and resend it to the other computers in the business. In many cases, the host computer is not near the back room where the incoming phone lines are located. When a phone switch is in place, it is necessary to run phone lines from the back room to the Caller ID device placed next to the host computer. If there is no phone system on site, then phone lines may already be conveniently located next to the host. The serial port version connects to a single host computer. The host relays information to other computers on the network.