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Complete Packages

Display and Store Caller ID on your PC


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Complete packages including hardware and software are shown below for home and business applications.


USB / Serial Devices


Pop-up and log Caller ID on one or more computers

Software includes pop-up screens, status screen showing activity on all lines, and call history window with search capability. See details below.


Same software as basic package and these additional features:

  • Monitor Outgoing Calls
  • Track Call Duration
    know which calls went unanswered
  • Real-time phone status
    which calls are in progress


Basic Plus

Ethernet software and hardware

Ethernet based hardware makes installation a snap in network environments. Transmit Caller ID simultaneously to all workstations on your LAN or send data instantly to any remote computer via the Internet.

Deluxe Plus

Same Ethernet software as the Basic Plus package and these additional features:

  • Monitor Outgoing Calls
  • Track Call Duration
    know which calls went unanswered
  • Real-time phone status
    which calls are in progress

All products include

Software Features

Users have the option to display the main screen or hide it. This main screen shows call activity on each line in real time and logs all calls to a database. Data can also be logged to a flat file for importing into Excel and other applications.


Incoming calls can pop up on your screen. Each user defines how long the pop-up stays on their screen, or can choose not to pop-up calls.
Searching for call data in the main screen is a snap using various sorting and filtering functions. Sort and filter by Name, Number, Date & Time, Call Duration, Line Number and more.
The main screen shows all real-time call activity and a listing of complicated calls. Users have the option to display or hide this screen. It can be sized and placed anywhere on your desktop.
Call data can be easily exported to Excel compatible files.
Clicking the system tray icon shows you the last call in case you missed the pop-up and the main screen is hidden.

Product Comparison

 BasicDeluxeBasic PlusDeluxe Plus
Caller ID Pop-ups
Use on Multiple Computers
Outgoing Calls Captured Outgoing CallsIncludes number dialed, time, date and line number.[?]  
Duration of Calls MonitoredDurationLength of each phone call is shown in seconds.[?]  
Real-time Call StatusReal-time StatusShows which calls are still in progress.[?]  
Logs Calls when Computer OffOffline Logging2-line unit contains a 248 call memory.[?]  
USB / Serial ConnectionUSB / SerialConnects to one computer, software relays data to other computers.[?]
Ethernet ConnectionEthernetDevice sends data to all workstations simultaneously.[?]    

* 2-line model only

Phone Connections

If you are using standard telephones, phone connections are made by simply splitting the phone lines such that a set of lines connect to phone and a set connects to the Caller ID device. If your office has a phone system (small PBX, Key Switch, etc.), phone line connections can be seen on our "How it Works" page.

Compatibility hardware is compatible with virtually any phone line that your telephone provider offers Caller ID service. This includes most VoIP products. The software is compatible with Windows 2000, XP, Vista, and Windows 7.

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