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POS Advantage

Hardware for Caller ID Integrated POSPOS Terminal

As the largest commercial Caller ID equipment manufacturer, sets the standard for use in Point of Sale Software. Our robust data format provides for consistency across our entire product line regardless of the country installed or Caller ID format delivered. Our Software Developer’s Kit allows quick and easy integration for the POS solution provider interested in adding Caller ID to their system.

Developer Benefits

  • Basic Call recordsWhen a phone call is dialed or received the unit sends a record with all data for that call. Simply extract the data you need from the record.
  • Simple Data FormatData is delivered in a fixed-field, space delimited text format that allows easy parsing.
  • Consistent FormatAll products use the same data format. The same capture and parsing routines will work on all devices.
  • Developer's UnitsSpecial Developer's units are available that generate Caller ID call records without making phone calls.  This helps make integration a snap.
  • Software and Source CodePrograms, examples and royalty-free source code is available free to POS software companies.


  • Programming AssistanceWe will connect your programmer directly to our programmer in order to minimize development time.
  • Warranty and RepairWe will work with you, your dealers, or directly with your customer on all warranty and repair issues.

Deep Discounts

  • Software CompaniesQualified POS software companies can receive as much as 45% off retail pricing.
  • POS DealersValue added resellers and dealers of POS software receive at least 30% off retail pricing.
  • Drop Ship OrdersWe are happy to drop ship orders to your customers if you prefer not to carry inventory.
  • Same Day ShippingLast minute orders are no problem. Any order received by 3pm EST is shipped the same day.