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Software for Users

EL Popup is a free program that works in conjunction with all Whozz Calling? series products. Features include popup screens, call logging, sortable and searchable call records, export to text and Excel files. Included plug-ins provide Caller ID relay to cloud-based software and PC based compatible software. EL Popup is designed for users who are not running an application from one of our software partners.


Download ELPopupInstall.msi. This will install EL Popup and support utilities.

EL Popup

Works with both Ethernet Link hardware as well as Serial Port hardware. This is the main application residing on each user's desktop. If user selects pop-ups, it will display the Caller ID information along with the phone line number as calls arrive. EL Popup also logs all call information to both a database and optionally, a text file. Sorting and filtering of data makes finding individual records a snap.

By default, EL Popup is set to work with Ethernet Link hardware, but can be configured to capture data from Serial Port devices.

EL Config

EL Config allows you to display and change the network settings for an Ethernet Link Whozz Calling? device. Since the default hardware settings work in most network environments, running this utility may not be required.

Serial Loop II

This is a program for troubleshooting Serial Port connected Whozz Calling? hardware. Serial Loop is designed to operate on computers running Windows based operating systems.

Remote Desktop Support Tool

This program will initiate a remote desktop session to one of our technicians. Please call before using this program or your request may be rejected.