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Whozz Calling? 4 & 8 Line

Caller ID/Call Accounting Unit Manual

Table of Contents

1. Introduction
2. Quick Start Procedure
3. Overview of Toggles, Commands, and Formats
Setup Toggles
Operating Commands
Data Entry Commands
Detail Mode Output
Additional Detail Information
Error Condition
Comprehensive Format (Recommended)
Limited Format
4. In-Depth Discussion of Toggles, Commands, and Formats
Setup Toggle Discussion
Data Entry Commands Discussion
Detail Mode Output Discussion
Error Condition Discussion
Format Discussion
Comprehensive Format (Inbound)
Comprehensive Format (Outbound)
Limited Format (Inbound)
Limited Format (Outbound)
Discussion of Private and Out-Of-Area Callers
Connecting Units Together
Setting Line Numbers on Individual Units Connected Together
5. Technical Information
FCC Information
Manufacture's Information
Warranty Information
A. International Caller ID formats and Internal Jumper Settings
B. On and Off-Hook Detection (Voltage vs. Current)
Voltage Detection Circuitry and Telephone Lines
Reconfiguring Unit to Current Detection Mode
C. RS232 Pin Outs
D. Requirements and Compatibility
E. Using Hyperterminal in Windows to Monitor Unit
F. Explanation Of Start Up Sequence And Front Panel Lights
G. Installation Directions
Overview of Connections
Connecting to Computer
Running Hyperterminal
Loopback Test for a Serial Port Connection in Windows
Loopback Test Successful
Connection to Phone Lines
Series Connection
Parallel Connection
2-wire (RJ11) or 4-wire (RJ14) Phone Cord Connections
Mounting Hardware
Daisy Chaining Multiple Units

List of Figures

2.1. Front and Back Views of Whozz Calling? 4 Line Model
4.1. Comprehensive Inbound Format
4.2. Comprehensive Outbound Format
4.3. Limited Inbound Format
4.4. Limited Outbound Format
A.1. Configuring Unit for Different Caller ID Signaling Formats
A.2. Configuration Table for Caller ID Signaling Formats
B.1. Voltage and Current Detection Configuration on a 4 Line Model
G.1. Series Connection for 2-Wire (RJ11) system
G.2. Series Connection for 4-Wire (RJ45) system
G.3. Parallel Connection for 2-Wire (RJ11) system
G.4. Parallel Connection for 2-Wire (RJ11) system

List of Tables

D.1. Phone Line Compatibility

List of Examples

4.1. Detail Mode Output